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At Berkley Collision, we realize how valuable your time is. Therefore, we have created an efficient process for you to bring in your vehicle, get your repair done (sometimes while you wait), and allow you to get on with the important things in your life.


Scratches/Scrapes Repair:
Even the smallest scratches or scrapes on your vehicle can be annoying and can decrease it’s value.  If you rub your finger across the scratch and it does not catch, it can be repaired quickly.  If your finger does catch, some additional body work would need to be done.  When you have a scratch or scrape on your vehicle we can match your paint color and buff out these blemishes so the car looks great again.  Berkley Collision can restore your car’s finish back to it’s original look.
Handle Repair:
A broken car door handle is not only frustrating, but unsafe.  Plan on bringing in your vehicle and Berkley Collision can get it fixed quickly.
Headlight Repair & Restoration:
Are your car headlights making it difficult to drive at night?  Berkley Collision stocks popular headlight bulbs and can work on restoring your headlights back for improved safety and visibility.  Also, did you know, you could get a ticket for a broken headlight?  Come see us at Berkley Collision.
Bumper Repair:
Bumper scratches and dents are so easy to get nowadays.  Fortunately bumper parts can be repaired.  Berkley Collision has trained technicians to repair and recondition your car bumper and erase any signs of dents or scrapes, quickly and affordably.  Berkley Collision will repair or replace your bumper so you can have your car looking like new again very soon.

Berkley Collision has helped us here at Hodges Subaru a number of times with vehicles that need quick repairs.  They provide excellent work, done quickly.

Window Repair:
Why won’t your window roll up or down?  It’s the mechanism inside your car door.  Our technicians at Berkley Collision can fix this for you.  Stop by and talk to one of our managers today.
Lease Turn-in Repair:
When you have 2 weeks before your lease is up and you need some light repairs, Berkley Collision can help you.  Having repairs done at Berkley Collision before you turn in your lease, gives you the chance to save money.  Berkley Collision will provide a FREE estimate on your light repairs, as we know what the dealership inspectors are looking for.  Some of the repairs will be worth fixing and others can be left as wear-and-tear.
Glass or Mirror Repair:
Berkley Collision can fix your broken windshield glass and mirror(s) on your vehicle.  If you need your glass repaired or replaced, Berkley Collision can help you inspect the damage carefully and timely and get you back on the road with your safety in tact.