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Benefits of Winter Tires

Specialty compounds At about 7 C and below, the rubber in all-season and summer tires begin to harden, drastically reducing their ability to safely grip the road. Winter-specific tires are formulated to continue to provide flexibility, even in sub-zero environments dipping as low as -30 C. Superior traction Winter tires feature deeper and more [...]

Winter Wiper Blade Prep

Winter wiper blade prep will help get you through the worst weather of the year as smoothly as possible by making sure you have a safe view of the road ahead at all times. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to drive in a blizzard without being able to keep your windshield clean or [...]

Winter Car Care Tips

Winter has been pretty harsh this year. For many drivers, that also means the challenges of winter car ownership are just around the corner, too, like salted streets, icy roads, freezing temperatures and heavy snow. How can you make sure your car is well cared for during the difficult winter months? We've listed eight [...]

Reconditioned Wheels: Your Safety Rides on Them

While the dents and dings inflicted upon most parts of your vehicle’s exterior are fairly obvious after an accident, you may not as easily notice the damage suffered by a part critical to your safety—your wheels. Today’s steel and aluminum wheels are frequently cracked, scraped, gouged, bent or otherwise damaged in a crash, and [...]

4 Hidden Problems Caused by Rear-End Collisions

Have you ever had your car rear-ended while stopped at an intersection, or know someone who has?  Is so, take heart in the fact you’re not alone.  According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), of the over 6 million traffic accidents each year in the U.S., 40% involve rear-end collisions.  Most are not serious, and [...]

Maintaining Vehicle Safety Systems

If you’ve shopped for a new car in recent years, you’re probably aware that an increasing number of today’s vehicles can be equipped with highly advanced crash-avoidance and safety-system technologies, while more advanced high-strength steels, exotic metals and composite materials are being used than ever before, all in an effort to improve passenger safety. [...]

Stress Management Works for Holidays and Automobiles

In domino fashion, failing to plan for maintenance can turn small problems into larger ones, putting a serious dent in your automotive budget. The penalties of procrastinating on vehicle maintenance range from a heater that runs cold to a battery that won’t start the car. Take care of your car’s seasonal services immediately and [...]

As Temperatures Drop, Check Tire Pressure More Often

You may notice when the weather turns colder, the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light on your dashboard lights up more frequently. The Car Care Council recommends checking your tire pressure regularly during the winter to help keep the TPMS light off and your vehicle safe. “It’s typical at this time of year for [...]

Distracted Driving

It's in the Numbers: Distracted Drivers Put Lives in Jeopardy and Cost Consumers Operating a motor vehicle is the most dangerous and potentially deadly activity we do every day. While a necessary task, it takes focus, practice and skill to safely operate a vehicle moving 80 feet per second (55 mph). In a vehicle, anything [...]

Counterfeit Airbags

Recently the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a consumer safety advisory to alert vehicle owners and repair professionals to the growing use of counterfeit airbags. NHTSA reports that while these airbags can look nearly identical to Original Equipment (OE) airbags, their testing has shown they consistently malfunction, with some [...]